Awareness to creativity

The company Lève un peu les bras! shows great interest in educational interventions. The company is a partner of the Maison des Arts of Créteil under multiple workshops of dance and circus, within primary schools and secondary schools . It also offers dance training for future teachers of EPS or future sporting leaders. Teaching and sharing dance are strongly rooted in the spirit of the company.

The company can offer different types of interventions. They may be oriented around a play, enroll in a class project, train future performers in artistic activities.

"With the play this year , I've realized that I could offer a lot in interpretation that I never believed to be able of . " Elodie (Créteil High School)

A few figures:

10-15 partnerships with schools each year for projects in dance and circus, ranging from one-off intervention to the creation of entire show (Primary School, Secondary school, University, Apprentice Training Centre).

•every year more than 350 children, pupils and students are affected by the educational activities of the company.

200 to 300 hours of interventions are delivered on average every year.

Our partners : Université UPEC Paris 12, Maison des Arts de Créteil, Conservatoire national de Créteil, IUFM de Bonneuil, villes de Sucy-en-Bries et de Villiers-sur-Marne.

Photo d'un atelier dirigé par la compagnie à Créteil

"It's a real pleasure to see a class all work together for a common project." M.Lemeur (Saint-Maur High School)

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Photo d'un atelier dirigé par la compagnie

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