The company

A symphony of dancing, acrobatics, aerial performance and burlesque theater


  • 2009 : winner of the Festival Ici et Demain in living spectacle category
    2010 : 1st audience award of Festival Mouvement contemporain MC #03
    2011 : 1st prize of choreographic contest of the Centre du Marais
    2014 : writing assistance grant from the Beaumarchais - SACD association for WITH

The beginnings

  • Photo d'une séance de travail de la compagnie Lève un peu les bras !

Paul Canestraro and Clement Le Disquay met at Paris-Est Creteil University in STAPS where they both wished to become Sports teachers. They participated in dance workshops animated by their teacher Bénédicte Raquin, and for them dancing became a vocation.

In parallel to their university studies, they began to teach themselves dancing, acrobatics, vertical dance and yoga.
It is truly with the duo « Lève un peu les bras » that their choreographic collaboration began.

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The rise of the company

It is truly with the duo « Lève un peu les bras » that their choreographic collaboration began.
In 2010 and 2011, they participated in several festivals and competitions, where the play won several awards. At the same time they co-choreographed the solo « Roule ma Bosse » for the hip-hop dancer Fabrice Gimenez. This is their first choreographic adventure around the acrobatic movement and break dance.

To continue their collaboration with Fabrice, they created the play Avenue L. This choreographic trio, exploring the theme of memory, is co-produced by the NCC Créteil, the MAC Créteil, the Centre Chorégraphik Pole Pik and the CDC du Val-de-Marne.
The following year, they met Charles Lecoq, a trainer in potholing. They decided to combine their technical and artistic skills around their passion for verticality. The year 2013 is dedicated to the creation of the Pôle Air. The company enlarged its performances in places such as suburbs, natural environments and events, etc. The dancers Camille Brulais and Pauline Journé joined them and formed the vertical dance.
In 2014, they created WITH burlesque duo-road (street theater), where they explored the pleasure of dancing together and continued their search around the physicality of hip hop and acrobatics. This performance received the writing assistance grant from the Beaumarchais-SACD association.
In 2015, they started their first multidisciplinary creation, Construction provisoire where the vertical dance joined their other disciplines. For this occasion, the play reunited on stage all the members of the company on the theme of team work.

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Photo de la compagnie Lève un peu les bras!

“From tears to laughter, a wide range of feelings”

Besides the work of choreography, they are interpreters for other projects and companies; they work especially with Blanca Li, Aurélien Bory, Gilles Baron, Kamel Ouali, Passengers and many others.

They also have a great interest in education connected to their course in sports science. The transmission has a very important place in their work because it allows them to stay with their initial inspirations that led them to create the company. They work in schools, colleges, universities, with future teachers of physical education, dancing, circus and other artistic disciplines.

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Members of the company