WITH - Cie LÈVE UN PEU LES BRAS from Cie LUPLB on Vimeo.

07 December 2018
Théâtre de la Licorne - Cannes
  • "A sensuality emanates from these two dancers in perfect harmony. They bounce, glide and twirl, offering us an energetic dance, thrilling."

    Étudiants de Paris
  • "They take up the whole stage, and show that dancing can be as electrifying as fascinating."

  • "For twenty-five minutes, the two dancers invade the stage with great physical intensity with the aim to tame the absurd."

    Festival ici et Demain

A play which appeals to everyone

WITH is a show about friendship, companionship and sharing.
Acrobatic gesture influenced by contemporary dancing, hip-hop and martial arts, demonstrate on stage different approaches, steps, and comical postures.
A surprising gesture, a shifted position, a touch of mime punctuate the movement.
Everything is mixed, stirred up, distorted ... and creates a dialogue between the two burlesque dancers.

... We always wanted a short duet, intense, the pleasure of dancing for two. It was inspired by all the funny and absurd situations that can be seen every day in the street ...


25 minutes

Conception and interpretation
Paul Canestraro & Clément Le Disquay

Production and coproduction
Lève un peu les bras !,
The association Beaumarchais-SACD

Photo de la représentation de la pièce WITH en Allemagne
Photo de la représentation de la pièce WITH en Allemagne

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Direction de la Jeunesse et de la Culture de Créteil, CCN de Créteil et du Val-de-Marne, Maison des Arts de Créteil, UFR STAPS de Créteil UPEC Paris 12

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