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  • And if hapiness were to have loneliness, space and silence- all the things that future generations will miss ?

    Sylvain Tesson- Dans les Foret de Sibérie

A show to live, not to see

Today, studies show that 50% of the population is concentrated on 1% of the territory.
The conclusion is there and so far, the trend is not reversed. To believe that the more people, the more it makes the pole attractive. We leave aside the work on the causes of these groupings, to look at the situations they create. Whether absurd, funny or offset, these different situations that dancers will encounter will question the sharing of individual or collective space and the relationship to others.

How space can influence the body ? How can the body influence the space ?
The gesture will be hybrid, physical, acrobatic and committed.


45 minutes

Conception and interpretation
Paul Canestraro & Clément Le Disquay
Distribution in progress

Production and coproduction
Distribution in progress

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Paul Canestraro

Compagnie Nathalie Pernette
STAPS de Créteil

En cours de confirmation :
Ville de Saint Hilaire-de-Riez
La Halle Verrière de Meisenthal
La Gare à Coulisse

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