Imagin'AIR - Cie Lève Un Peu Les Bras - Sans couleurs from Cie LUPLB on Vimeo.

28 January 2021
Le Chai du Terral - St Jean de Vedas
  • Imperishable memories…. and this musique !

    Esprit colibri
  • We were there ! It was beautiful … the cherry on top of the cake : this cello melody !

    Domie Sioz Bertoux
  • A very beautiful memory and a great opportunity to meet out of the ordinary

    Jacques Chabal - Maire du Cheylard

A poetic tribute to imaginairy

Imagin’AIR is a unique proposition that adapts to the particularity of the places in which it comes to life. Immersed in an aritistic adventure like a treasure hunt, artists and spectators share a dreamlike journey between heaven and earth around the book, music and light ...

Imagin’AIR found its strength in the ability to merge with the place. In a singular scenic space, each representation is unique and gives the project its 100% adaptable character.


45 minutes

Conception and interpretation
Clément Le Disquay, Paul Canestraro et Marion Parrinello, Charles Le coq, Anaëlle Echalier, Lucie Astier

Production and coproduction
Château de Blandy-Les-Tours
Cie Lève Un Peu Les Bras !


Paul Canestraro
Marion Parrinello - Musique Live

Château de Blandy Les Tours
Communauté de communes de Val'Eyrieux
Maison du Théâtre et de la Danse d'Épinay-sur-Seine
Staps de Créteil

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